Basic Spirit Pewter Cheese & Pate Knives

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At Basic Spirit they design and create products that touch the heart and delight the spirit.

Basic Spirit pewter is handcrafted in a seaside studio in Pugwash; Nova Scotia is a wonderful gift or addition to one's entertainment pantry. They use the finest quality lead-free pewter. 

Modern day pewter is a metal alloy of at least 90% tin and smaller amounts of other metals. The pewter Basic Spirit uses exceeds the standard of 92% pure tin. Polished to a high shine or buffed to a satin finish; it does not tarnish. Like gold and platinum, pewter does not tarnish as silver or copper do.

Basic Spirit Pate Knives are Available in:

Flower Sea Glass Pate Knife

Bird Pate Knife

Leaves Cheese Knife