Chiamigos Keto Superseed Cereal

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Chiamigos is a simple breakfast option or snack that keeps you full, nourished, and excited for more. They believe everyone deserves to feel great. That’s why they make it organic, gluten-free, vegan and diabetic-friendly.

Chiamigos story started with one important question: What is a straight-forward, reliable meal that doesn't cut corners on flavour and ingredients?

They never imagined that creating their own dependable camping meal would transform Chiamigos is made up of four siblings - Chris a teacher, Peter an engineer, Katie a triathlete and Steph a nurse.

Despite differences we all want to feel good about the food that fuels us.


- Vanilla Cinnamon:  Vanilla, Yum! Cinnamon, Yummy! Combined together and wow does it taste amazing. The two flavours we’ve come to love combined into a delicious breakfast option that will leave you feeling full, and your taste buds feeling amazing!

- Chocolate Almond: Chocolate Almond anyone? Go ahead and indulge! We’ve managed to bring your favourite late-night snack into a delicious, nutrient packed breakfast cereal. With only 1g of sugar and 3g net carbs it’s ok to splurge a little, your tummy and body will thank you!