Gardiners of Scotland Olden Times Fudge

Gardiners of Scotland Olden Times Fudge

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Gardiners of Scotland is a long-established family run business based in the heart of Scotland.

We specialise in a range of traditional Scottish confectionery from Butter Tablet, Macaroon and Toffee to our wide range of flavoured Fudge, including  Finest Scotch Whisky fudges. 

The Olden Times is where traditional Scottish hand made fudge comes from and what better way to celebrate this Christmas than with a beautiful carton of delicious vanilla fudge with an ‘Olden Times’ display on the box.

The ideal stocking filler or little add on gift for someone special this Christmas. And if you have done all your Christmas shopping, then simply treat yourself to some of this meltingly delicious vanilla fudge.