Covered Bridge Potato Chips - Donair

Covered Bridge Potato Chips - Donair

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Covered Bridge Potato Chips is an old fashioned kettle chip company with old country taste and tradition. 

These chips are top quality kettle-cooked russet potato and sweet potato chips, which offer no preservatives, no trans fat, and no artificial colours or flavours. 

They are also Certified Gluten Free. Every batch is cooked with care to ensure the best flavour and texture. 

Covered Bridge is owned and operated by the Albright family.  Albright Farms is a family owned 4th generation company that started in the early 1920’s. A True Canadian owned and operated business. 

They have teamed up with East Coast Lifestyle and King of Donair to create the ultimate Canadian snack.

This thick cut, kettle cooked, Donair chip embodies everything our maritime loving brands are about: quality, value and being proud of where you're from