Galaxy Chocolate Bars

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Whether it’s the 22.8 million Galaxy® Smooth Milk blocks purchased every year, the delicate crispy shells of Minstrels® chocolates or the bold and adventurous flavours of our new Fusions® product range, every Galaxy® product is carefully crafted to be savoured and enjoyed in a moment of pleasure.
Their chocolatiers have spent years perfecting the elements of our Galaxy® products, with thousands of hours designing even the tiniest details, from the soft corners and undulating flow of their bar to the finely milled cocoa that makes every mouthful as silky as the last.
Through research, they have identified three distinct ‘stages of taste’ when enjoying a Galaxy® moment:

1. The release of the signature taste of our Galaxy® products during the first bite. It is unmistakably smooth and creamy and has been loved by the nation for generations.

2. The sustained presence of its characteristic caramel notes, as the silky Galaxy® chocolate slowly melts in your mouth.

3. The distinctive pleasure of our Galaxy® products – that silky smooth flavour, lingering indulgently long after the chocolate experience, promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

 So next time you enjoy a piece of Galaxy® chocolate, why not linger over it a little longer, to ensure you unapologetically Choose Pleasure?