Joyful Home Wood Wick Candles

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At Joyful Home they strive to bring a little JOY into your HOME.

What started as a little hobby in Sudbury, Ontario for Diana and Alysha has turned into a new chapter in their book of life. Diana decided to make soy wax candles that would smell as delicious as desserts, with none of the calories.

Soy wax comes from a renewable source and it's also carcinogen free, they also come in a zero waste reusable glass jar. These are some factors are very important to making Joyful Home candles. 

Joyful Home Wood Wick Candles are Available in:

- Fresh Baked Bread 

- Vanilla Bean 

- Evergreen

- Canadian Maple Syrup 

- Cedar Sauna 

- Dark Roast Coffee 

- Eucalyptus