Pals Awesome Sox Box

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Pals are not only the most fun, comfy funky socks for kids ever created, they also exist to create positive social change and make our world friendlier! Pals Socks are perfect mismatches that come paired as two unique, colourful characters that are friends despite their differences.

Available in 2 mix matched gift boxes 

Animal Style for ages 1 - 3 Years: Cow & Pig, Cat & Dog and Horse & Alpaca.

Monster Style for ages 4 - 8 Years: Zombie & Werewolf, Ghost & Skeleton (they glow in the dark!) and Giant Gorilla & Mutant Lizard.

Roar Style for ages 1 -3 Years: Moose and Bear, Lion and Zebra and T-Rex and Triceratops

Colour Kaboom for Ages 4 - 8 Years: pair each of Dragon and Unicorn, Crab and Jellyfish and Peacock and Elephant