Platinum Jubilee Tea Towels

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Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee 2022, seventy years of service. This official range of fine collectable Tea Towels to celebrate the Queen’s historic reign events

The tea towels are made of 100% cotton measuring 48 x 80 cm, Both designs are created in England, UK, best for Royal tea party decor.

The Blue Portrait Collection design is an informal representation of HM Queen Elizabeth II and is inspired by The Queen, in her relaxed daytime appearances. The Queen is in pale blue suit and wearing the intricate and delicate Pearl Trefoil brooch

The exclusive grey/silver portrait design commemorating HM Queen Elizabeth II reign as monarch from 1952 to 2022 is detailed with crown and rose. The centrepiece of the photo design depicts HM Queen Elizabeth II wearing The State Diadem crown, made in diamonds, pearls, silver and gold in 1820. This exceptionally beautiful head ornament is probably the most familiar crown as it frequently appears on postage stamps, coins at it represent the national emblems of the United Kingdom

A lovely souvenir to commemorate a very special event. Can be bought as a gift to cherish for friends and family or added to a collection of souvenirs of our beautiful Queen. Perfect for royal family fans with lovely pictures of the Queen.