Siip Roasted Chicken Bone Broth

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A couple owned a busy downtown Toronto soup restaurant that catered to the office lunchtime crowd and many local tourists. In addition to servicing long line-ups that provided them the time to engage with their regular customers, they also catered to many offices within the downtown core. They formed great relationships and connected with a variety of people. Within this connection an idea was born.

Their customers were looking for something nutritious, something else to drink other than their usual afternoon coffee and tea. Their customers were asking them for a sipping bone broth, a drink that they can take to go and drink at their desk while they were busy plugging away at their keyboards. This got the couple thinking about how to get bone broth into the offices?

Their solution was Siip- a convenient to-go format that can be enjoyed at work or at home, anytime of the day in minutes. Their recipe focuses on taste and better ingredients because it’s as important to Siip as it is to you.