Walkers Taste Icons Crisps

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When you look at a potato, what do you see? Probably just a potato, right?
Well, in 1948 Henry Walker saw Potential.

With a bite of positivity he turned his humble spuds into irresistible walkers crisps.

Since then, our crisps have been providing moments of delicious crunchiness and smile to everyone in Britain.

So, when life gives you potatoes...


Walkers Taste Icons are the Newest flavours in the walkers line, available in 3 unique flavours. 

Sold in packs of 5 and individual:

- Madras Curry 

- Thai Green Curry

- Fish and Chips 

Walkers has selected 4 amazing London restaurants based on their community impact, delicious food and great online consumers reviews. These fantastic restaurants represent the thousands of local restaurants across the UK that have always been there for us.