Wrendale Weekly Planner and To Do List

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Hannah Dale began Wrendale Designs on a crowded kitchen table in Melton Ross, Lincolnshire.

Inspired by the glorious Lincolnshire countryside she started to paint hares. It was then suggested to her that she design some cards... and she hasn't looked back. 

Keep your life organised with this magnetic weekly planner and to do list from Wrendale Designs! Perfect for jotting down your plans for the week and your to-do list, this planner can be used on your desk or attached to your fridge.

This magnetic planner is a muted green in colour and is covered of Wrendale’s wonderful illustrations. All the sheets are perforated at the top so they can be torn off at the end of the week. One side of the planner is dedicated to the weekly planner which is split into seven sections for each day of the week, with plenty of space for you to plan week out, from days out to meetings. On the other side is space for you to write a to-do list with lines so you know never forget all those little things you need to get done. Across the top is the heading ‘To Do List’ in a classic, cursive script.

This planner comes complete with a grey pencil with the Wrendale designs logo in silver and an elastic holder, so you always have a pencil to jot down what you want, when you need to.