The Original Cake Company Cakes

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The Original Cake co. has been baking cakes for some of the UK’s biggest names and most iconic brands since 1972! But, at their heart they’re still the same family-run artisan Lincolnshire bakery they’ve always been.

Their devilishly decadent fruitcakes have been enjoyed by everyone!

From the Houses of Parliament and St James’ Palace, as well as, well-known department stores and supermarkets nationally.

This 9 slice festive chocolate pack is a Christmas miracle! Filled a rich chocolatey flavour, this premium quality treat will impress you and your guests. Our chocolatey 9 slice is perfect for any occasion, party or as a little family snack.  

All Original Cake Company chocolate cake is moist, fluffy and delicate. This is to guarantee you the finest quality cake every single time! But, don't take our word for it, the proof is in the cake.