Atlantick Lemongrass Outdoor Spray

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After months of research AtlanTick partnered with Acadia University, and together came up with our own safe, effective, natural tick spray. 

They are currently working to register this highly effective, all-natural tick repellent with Canadian health and pesticide authorities and will let us all know as soon as that process is complete.

 We are very excited to be part of a positive, environment and health-conscious movement, and look forward to being able to make this innovative product available to you.

They take great comfort knowing they are doing their best to protect our children so they can continue to enjoy the outdoors, safely.

Available in 3 size 

60 ml (Perfect for your purse of backpack) 

240 ml (Perfect light/medium outdoor activities for the summer) 

500ml (Perfect for regular/heavy outdoor activities for the summer)