Beattie's Alcohol

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Beattie’s Farms & Distillers is led by Ken Beattie and a passionate team of family, farmers and distillery staff that all wake up every morning with one simple ambition: Make the world’s best tasting spirits. 

Beattie’s was born out of five generations of farm-crafted experience. It all started with their great-grandfather Roland Beattie, who came over from Scotland in 1876.  From the very beginning, he instilled the core values the family & business live by to this day: Work hard, love what you do and give back to your community.

Beatties Vodka's are available in:

Potato Vodka

Potato Gin


Strawberry Vodka

Sweet Potato Vodka

Coffee Liquer 

Peppermint Vanilla Vodka

Blueberry & Lemongrass Vodka