BinBreeze Indoor Compost Powder

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At BinBreeze thier mission is to reduce the impact of food waste everywhere it's produced.

 They achieve this by making the practice of food waste diversion or 'organics recycling' easy and better for the planet. They knew there had to be a better way to manage food waste at home and in the office — and it led them to founding BinBreeze.

 BinBreeze is the world's first all-natural and non-toxic indoor composting powder. The circular economy product is made from waste wood that would otherwise be burnt, and that is instead processed and combined with specialty minerals. BinBreeze is scientifically formulated to instantly eliminate compost odors and emissions, and naturally dehydrate and eliminate fruit flies, all while creating a better compost for the garden or community. 

 Thier vision is of a world where EVERY SCRAP IS SAVED and no food waste is ever sent to landfill. Join the journey and start composting today! 

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