Bridlewood Soap Bars

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Bridlewood soaps are made using the cold- process method, with vegetable oils and butters. They are carefully formulated using different combinations and percentages of oils and other ingredients to ensure that you will find the perfect soap for your skin.

The soaps are also made with a high 'super fat' content, meaning that there are leftover oils in the bar after the soap is made. Because of this, and the naturally high glycerine content of our soaps, they will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, never dry and tight like other soaps out there!

Available in:

Cucumber & Ho Wood

Avocado Charcoal

Coffee Scrub

Coconut Lime

Oatmeal & Honey 

Pink Salt 

Orange Turmeric

French Clay Lavender

Flower Power

Orange Patchouli

Sage & Citrus

Chocolate Peppermint 

Avocado Charcoal

Lemongrass & Carrot

Mint Rosemary

Cranberry Orange


Into the Woods

Beer Soap

Earl Grey 



Calendula Castille

Set of 6 Soap Bars