Ceramic Coasters (Set of 4)

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Versatile makes beautiful, fun, and functional drink coasters by printing graphics and designs onto custom fired ceramic tiles.

Using state of the art direct to substrate UV printing technology, the artwork is printed to these beautiful tiles in the small town of Almonte, Ontario, Canada.

They've developed a proprietary ceramic blend that will absorb the condensation off glassware, saving your table from those nasty water rings.

They've designed our ceramic coaster tile to mimic the look of natural tumbled Turkish marble tiles, so each coaster will have subtly distressed edges, and a marbled texture on its face

Available in a Selection of Designs:

- Autumn

- Black Birds 

- Canadian Flannel 

- Couples (Set of 2) 

- Crude/Rude 

- Dandelion 

- Floral Skull 

- Geo Hex 

- Hockey Night in Canada 

- Housewarming 

- Keep Calm 

- Loon 

- Maple Leaf 

- Merry Christmas 

- Moose 

- No Drama Llama 

- Schitt's Creek 

- Scotch Snob 

- Sloths 

- Sweater Weather 

- Tea Time 

- The F Word 

- Toronto 1901 

- Vintage Buck 

- All the Coffee

- Awkward Moments

- Cant Adult Today 

- Canada is Home

- Drink Recipes

- Golden Girls

- Man Cave

- Passive Aggressive

- Sophisticated Beasts

- Trees of Life 

- Wine Facts