Joyful Home 16oz Candles

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At Joyful Home they strive to bring a little JOY into your HOME.

What started as a little hobby in Sudbury, Ontario for Diana and Alysha has turned into a new chapter in their book of life. Diana decided to make soy wax candles that would smell as delicious as desserts, with none of the calories.

Soy wax comes from a renewable source and it's also carcinogen free, they also come in a zero waste reusable glass jar. These are some factors are very important to making Joyful Home candles. 

Joyful Home Candles are Available in:

Northern Blueberries 16oz

Watermelon Slushie 16oz

Mango Tango 16oz 

Fresh Linen 16oz

Cedar Sauna 16oz

Vanilla Latte 16oz

Birthday Cake 16oz

Hot Apple Cider 16oz 

Red Merlot 16oz

Hot Chocolate 16oz

Mahogany Wood 16oz 

Gingerbread Cookies 16oz

Evergreen Forest 16oz 

Cinnamon Sticks 16oz

Eucalyptus 16oz 

Peppermint Swirl 16oz 

Cozy Flannel 16oz 

Apple Crumb Pie 16oz 

Cranberry Loaf 16oz 

Smooth Bourbon 16oz