KVAS Black Pepper Whisky Cherries

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 At Kvas Fine Beverage Co. they create bar-quality products that are as essential to making cocktails, as yeast is to making alcohol.

 Ripe Niagara cherries, steeped with Niagara rye whisky, hibiscus and black pepper. The best part about it? The cherries are multi-functional, with the syrup the cherries are steeped in being able to be used in cocktails! This is a seasonal product with a VERY LIMITED number of jars, so add when to your card before you see the "sold-out" sign!

What's it taste like? Ripe dark cherries with a hint of sweetness and whisky, finishing with the spice of black pepper.

Best friends to mix with? Manhattans, Old Fashioned's and any ice-cream sundae ever.