Loops and Lattes Hiking Guides

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Not just books, these essential pieces of hiking equipment, keep you on track and suggest places to follow up your hike with lunch, ice cream or a frothy latte.

Loops & Lattes Hiking Guides describe some 140 loop routes that will appeal to casual walkers as well as seasoned hikers. The loops all begin and conveniently end at the same location so no need to drop a car or retrace one’s footsteps.

Ranging in length from about 3 kilometres to over 25 kilometres, each loop route is accompanied by a detailed map, precise directions, loads of colour photos, a smattering of local lore and great ideas about where to get lunch, a snack or a creamy latte.

Available for 6 areas: 

- Collingwood 

- Waterloo, Welington and Guelph 

- Hamilton 

- Dufferin 

- Halton 

- Caledon