Naked & Saucy Coconut Aminos Sauces

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At Naked & Saucy Natural Foods they started with the desire to help find a soy sauce substitute for people who are allergic to soy.

They don’t compromise on taste and they don’t think anyone else should either. They are constantly looking for ways to find innovative, tasty and healthy solutions for those who face dietary restrictions or are focused on making healthier lifestyle choices.

Everything they do – from the way they source ingredients to how they make and distribute their product – is done through the lenses of sustainability, unity and ethical choices.

Good for our community, good for others, good for the planet. Simple as that.

Naked & Saucy Sauces are available in:

Chili Garlic

Keto Teriyaki

Peanut Sauce

Soy Sauce 

Sweet & Sour

Teriyaki Sesame Ginger

Vegan Oyster