Queenie's Christmas/Holiday Greeting Cards

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Queenie’s cards is a stationery and gifts company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Queenie Best in 2008, the cute, cartoony designs that make you smile and say “awww!” are inspired by everyday life, puns and inside jokes.

The illustrations start off as greeting cards before they are designed into additional products, such as their popular enamel pins and plushies. Each cartoon has its own punny story to tell!

Queenies Greeting Cards are Available in 10 Styles: 

- Bah Humbug 

- Is it the holidays yeti?

- Kiss me under the mistle cones

- O Holy Night 

- Pining for the Holidays  

- Ho! Ho! Ho!

- Dachshund Through the Snow 

- Have a terrier-rific Holiday 

- Jingle!

- Merry Christmas!