Sheldon Creek Kefir 1L Bottles

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In 1953, Haanview Farms was established in the Sheldon Valley with the purchase of a cow named Maggie. This cow family makes up about one third of the Haanview herd today.

In 2012 Sheldon Creek Dairy Opened, where they craft the milk from their purebred Holstein herd into whole milk, yogurt, kefir, 45% cream, and much more. 

Today, Haanview Holsteins and Sheldon Creek Dairy are operated by Bonnie and John den Haan as well as Emily den Haan (Daughter) who manages the Haanview Farms operations, Marianne Edward (Daughter) who manages Sheldon Creek Dairy Operations, and Mike Edward who is Plant Manager of Sheldon Creek Dairy along with the next generation Wyatt, Walter and Wellsley Edward.

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