Simpkins Hard Candy

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Started by Albert Leslie Simpkin in 1921, he was then joined by his sons Neville, Brian and John. In 2002 John took complete control of A.L.Simpkin & Co. Ltd.

Today, the company is controlled by John’s children, Adrian and Karen Simpkin, who are joint Managing Directors.

The travel tin evolved to due it being the only container that was relatively airtight. This was an important factor because the sweets had a high fruit juice content and would go sticky when exposed to dampness. The white powder was initialy added to stop the sweets sticking together. The tins in the 1920’s were not totally airtight, as they were seamed cans so the shelf life was still fairly short, however in the 1950’s a can was produced with no seam so the sweets would remain fresh for years.

Available in a Selection of Flavours