Springhills Rainbow Trout

Springhills Rainbow Trout

Springhills Rainbow Trout

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Springhills is a second-generation family business in Grey County. We raise rainbow trout, coho salmon and Arctic char at our eco-farms, and partner with other independent farmers and wild fishers to bring you even more local fish. 

All Springhills fish are doubly eco-certified so they are good for you, the planet, and taste great! 

Sweet and savoury with mild smoke flavour. Brined in molasses and artisanally hot smoked using local apple wood. Add to a charcuterie, salad, breakfast or any time you want a protein-packed treat. 

Raised on our family’s eco-farms in Grey County with plenty of fresh water, low densities and sustainable diets. We humanely harvest, fillet and smoke within a day. Simply thaw and serve. 

Each 1.2lb pack is labeled and shelf-ready, and has 4 or 5 fillets.  

Comes frozen, can thaw for 10-day shelf life.

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