TPH Charitable Greeting Cards

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In 1961 TPH founder Earle O’Born, a skilled journeyman typesetter purchased an old letterpress shop in downtown Toronto. That was just the beginning of a few notable firsts:

  • First in Canada to market instant printing & begin ‘branchizing’ by opening corporate locations.
  • First to introduce a unit-based price list and typist guide.
  • 1990s broke industry norms by switching to a PC-based platform to digitally connect Xerox printers instead of using files from physical discs.
  • First digital print network across Canada, sending digital files from Toronto to Vancouver, where they were produced & delivered locally.
  • Expanded locations coast to coast, in major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Niagara, GTA expansion and Halifax.

As the print industry evolves, so do we. The relationships we nurture with our customers are central to our service. The compatibility of print and digital channels is only growing, presenting more opportunities to advance our production and services.

TPH Charitable Office Greeting Cards are Available in:

Crooked Creek Mill - Susan Mein


Winter in the Country

Trail Head

Christmas Tree


Forest Critters