Wrendale With Love/Thank You Cards

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Hannah Dale began Wrendale Designs on a crowded kitchen table in Melton Ross, Lincolnshire.

Inspired by the glorious Lincolnshire countryside she started to paint hares. It was then suggested to her that she design some cards... and she hasn't looked back. 

Perfect for any occasion, these beautifully designed cards are a great way to show someone you're thinking of them.

Printed on sustainably sourced textured board the cards come with a recycled kraft envelope

Measures 6.77 x 4.84 inches.

Available in a selection of Unique Designs: 

- New Chapter - inside reads 'with love and best wishes.'

- Earisistible - Inside Reads 'With Love' 

- Beary Best - Inside Reads 'With Love' 

- Little Card Big Hug - inside reads: 'just because...'

- Bear Hug - inside reads 'with love.'

- One in a Chameleon - inside reads 'with love'. 

- Thank You - inside reads '...so very much.'

- Thanks a Bunch - inside reads 'I'm so grateful.'

- Thank Ewe - inside reads 'Thank you!'

- Some Bunny Special - inside reads 'With Love'

- Owl you Need is Love - inside reads 'Love'

- Everyone needs Friendsheep like ours - inside reads 'Thank you for being you'

- True Friendship Nose no Distance - inside reads 'Thank you for being you'

- Still my Favorite - inside reads 'With lots of love as always'

- Piggy in the Middle - inside reads 'You're the best"

- Mom in a Million - inside reads 'with love' 

- Someone Special - inside reads 'with love.'

- Partners in Crime - inside reads "you're one in a million"